By: Michelle Flores

Have you heard of Fine Arts Friday? It’s an event that happens every Friday in the Cafeteria where fine art teachers demonstrate their art in front of Seneca Valley students.  The fine arts subjects include General Art, Ceramics, Theatre, Music, and Dance! 

For Music, Ms. Searle plans to have the chorus sing. It’s not yet known what song they will be singing in particular, but when I interviewed her, she said, “We may have Chamber singing. We will find out soon on what we plan to do.”

For Ceramics, Mr. Moran and Mr. Petke plan to have students throwing pots.  They will plug in pottery wheels and students will sit down and turn on the wheels, making them spin. Their objective is to create pottery with clay with this tool.  I’ve spoken to Mr. Moran and he explained the process; the students must wedge a piece of clay and form a ball, then throw the clay onto the middle of the wheel and seal base and pat it into a cone.  While the students brace their arms on their legs, they must use their hands to center the clay while the speed of the wheel is set at medium.  They continue with their hands on the base of the clay and moving up to create a cone shape. From there, they have to push the clay down with the heel or side of their hand.  This process repeats until the clay is fully centered.  The students next must open the clay using their thumbs to create the opening of their pot.  They must also create a floor and pull on the clay to create the walls of the pot. After that, they can form the shape they wish to create for the pottery using their fingers.  With tools, they can smooth and refine the clay to give the pottery a clean look.

The students demonstrating  may encourage students in the audience to try it out someday, hoping to persuade them to join Ceramics class.  Fine Arts Friday is a great way to display this form of art!

The next event is led by the Theater Arts teacher, Mrs. Fellows, who has lots ideas for what she plans to do.  One idea is that she might have her students who are in their upcoming play, Once Upon a Playground, act out a part of a scene.  This will hopefully convince the students to want to see the wonderful show.  Her second idea is to have the troop Side Splitters do improvisation to entertain the audience.  Improvisation is when students are given a scenario and act in accordance to its context, using whatever pops into their heads.  The third idea is to invite the International Thespian Honors Society; a group that celebrates students’ achievements in Theatre Arts.  You’ll have to come to Fine Arts Friday on October 27th to see what Theater chooses to do!


Fine Arts Friday is a fantastic way to expose Seneca Valley students to different forms of art!  It’s good for students to try new things and it may just introduce them to a future hobby or career!  And if not, it’s still amazing to watch art be created by your fellow peers!