By: Kofi Agbam

Over the summer of 2017 Seneca Valley high school dropped down from 3A to 2A. The classification is dependent on the amount of students in the school excluding the freshmen. According to the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, 1A schools range from 225 to 471 students, 2A schools range from 472 to 990, 3A ranges from 990 to 1252, and 4A schools student count is 1252 plus. The amount of students that other schools have compared to Seneca really comes into question when it comes down to sports.

During the tryout, coaches need to make the teams based on the skills of an individual and their sportsmanship. The Seneca Valley soccer team had about one hundred students tryout, and the North West team had about two hundred students tryout, giving the coaches of North West more chances of making a stronger team than the Seneca team.

Imagine having a small bowl of Lucky Charms cereal. The marshmallows are the skilled players and the hard workers. There aren’t much of them, but they are great. That is Seneca. North West high school has a Large bowl of the same cereal. If you were to guess which bowl had the more marshmallows, chances are that you would choose the large bowl. This is the effect of 4A schools.

The school football team desperately wants to make it to playoffs, and we the students are rooting for them, but they already started at an disadvantage. The schools the Seneca Valley football team faced and will be facing are mainly 3A and 4A, putting Seneca at a great disadvantage. The three hundred student difference shows on the field and in skill difference. Seneca has lost games simply because they did not have enough substitutes to cover for the injured players, giving the team yet another setback to deal with, while North West and Gaithersburg high school do not have those problems. They may have injuries but have a massive amount to substitutes that they can easily call on. The same problem is faced by the soccer teams in order to get a good position for playoffs they need to win a number of games but they also face 3A and 4A schools consistently. The system also shows a flaw when it comes time for the playoffs because during the playoff games schools only face other schools in their group thus 2A versus 2A.