By: Chiamaka Emecheta

What is school spirit?

School spirit is not just spiritwear or school chants and songs. School spirit is what makes a student feel and become more involved. Doing something as simple as going to a handball game, volleyball game, or even better, joining the team is a big step for the school community as a whole to be involved.

How Do We Lack School Spirit?

Five years ago, if you were to be going to Seneca Valley High School there would be a countless amount of events to go to year round such as step competitions, football games, talent shows, girls and boy varsity basketball games and so much more. Then, these events were packed and loud such as every high school event should be. Now, some or many people would say we lack in peer support for less mainstream activities. Nowadays we have our Friday night football games and basketball games which are always packed because it’s expected in U.S. culture but what about Seneca Valley’s award winning chorus? How many students come out for their events? Many would agree that it’s time to make some improvements in our school spirit.

A current senior at Seneca Valley says, “we as a school don’t have as much school spirit as we should, I feel like people think it’s uncool to have school spirit.” Many alumni from Seneca Valley would agree with this statement. Nonye Emecheta, a former Seneca Valley student (class of 2012) says, “school spirit was big when I was at Seneca. I was co-captain of the step team, captain of the girls basketball team, and performed in many talent shows. At almost all of these events, the crowd would be amazing and full of spirited students.” The reason why we lack school spirit could be because how the current students at Seneca Valley view it as “uncool.”

Making It A Great Year!

We started of the 2017-18 school year with on a good note! Football games are heavily attended, more people are joining and trying out for different sports, and we are getting more  involved with all of the “behind the scenes” work that prepare all of the awesome after school events we have a Seneca Valley. To make this year and many years ahead great, we have to keep up the good work! Staying connected and involved will only make our student body better. LET’S GO SCREAMIN’ EAGLES!