RosemaryBy: Thomsiatu Bangura


When you hear the phrase student athlete of the month what comes to mind? What characteristics should a student athlete have?  How do they show them?

Each month Seneca Valley chooses an athlete of the month who represents the school. The student is picked by the athletic director, Mr.Irvin. He then chooses two students who demonstrate the values and requirements of being an athlete and a student.

I had the opportunity to ask a few questions to our athlete of the month for September, Rosemary Cunningham. Rosemary is a senior and plays a variety of sports. Rosemary shared with me some insiders on how to balance playing sports and schoolwork. As well as how sports affect her social life.

What is the student athlete of the month?

Being a student athlete is about balance and trying to find the balance between two different things you can be involved in like sports and school. Its also, about time management and getting your priorities first.

How do you think being nominated reflects your skills?

The nomination is about being a leader and showing others what it means to not give up and putting your heart on the field and being an influence that it could be an influence on younger athletes and it is, also motivation for me and my peers.

Rosemary touches on a topic which I bet every athlete comes across which is school and sports:

Do you feel as if it’s hard to balance being a student and practice?

Yeah there are days, especially busy homework days, I wish I wasn’t an athlete just because I wish I  had more time for school. But with sports and practice, you learn a lot more about being a leader and collaborating with others but it’s all about time management.

Being an athlete myself, I can relate to this topic because there are many games, and senior year is very hectic. So managing homework, practice, and games can be very hectic and tricky. Balancing my school work consists of me having good time management, meaning doing homework before games.

What is one piece of advice you would give a student  who is planning to do sports?

Do sports as much as you can, get involved, and do everything that you love to make high school better. You find a lot of friends.

Being a student athlete of the month is quite the accomplishment. Balancing being a student and an athlete can be quite stressful but worth it in the end.