By: Keana Zamora-Flores

One of the feats Seneca Valley’s prides itself in are its wide selection of clubs, over 60 that students can choose from. Besides the usual “clubs look good on college transcripts” reasoning, there are certainly other reasons as to why students join certain clubs, but what about the students who chose not to join any? Other than assuming that they’re just lazy, we’ve interviewed a few students as to why they chose to be unaffiliated with any clubs.

“None of the clubs really interest me anymore,” said Seneca Valley student Heather Aquino, “I’ve joined a few in the past, but as the year dragged on less and less people would show up, so the clubs became kind of pointless.” That being said, what do you do in a club without members? Students find that attendance at club meetings usually start off strong, but more often than not the attendance rate tends to dwindle down to single figures by the start of the second semester, causing them to hesitate to attend future meetings. “Either people forgot about the meetings or they just lost interest.” she added.

It seems the lack of club promotion could be a likely culprit for these lowered attendance rates, as suggested by Sarah Karikari, who says “the clubs aren’t advertised well enough.” As most people would ask, why not just make more posters? What would seem to be the most obvious solution turns out to be not as simple.

“Sure, you can put a bunch of posters in the stairwells, but none of them will stand out,” Sarah comments, “what most people see is just clusters of papers taped onto the walls, not club advertisements.” While it’s understood that it is more efficient to churn out copies of 8.5×11” ads from the school’s printers, is it effective? Based on the responses of other students, the majority find that the larger and flashier club ads tend to draw the public’s attention and generate more interest than the standard printer copies.

In addition to the plainness of ads, most clubs just receive a three second shoutout from the morning announcements, which, to be truthful, not all students pay attention to. It seems reminders outside of the announcements, such as text notifications or Google Classroom, are more effective in informing students of upcoming club meetings. Take notes, recruiters- it could just save your clubs.